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Flips R Us offers top notch and timely information on any upcoming drop that has resell value! This group's specialty is in providing low-key flips that are often not found in any other group, from the most sought after art piece to the lowest edition funko to that Vinyl you've never heard of with an extremely dedicated fanbase who would gladly pay 10x the retail price. Flips R Us catches and displays this info in the earliest stage to ensure the highest chances of success for its members. That invaluable info in tandem with a focus on community assistance and teamwork from its staff, creates a truly one-of-a-kind experience in which our flips have no limit!

Deals/Price Errors/Freebies

Flips R Us' deals bot automatically finds and serves up listings on items that are discounted 90%-100% off. For personal or for resell, you are bound to find an item that interests you here when you're only paying a tiny fraction of its cost! We also post other freebies here, such as price errors, company giveaways, and any other freebies that can be found on the internet.


Are you a sneakerhead or hypebeast? We've got you covered! In this section, Flips R Us provides drop guides on all of the most important upcoming sneaker, supreme, and palace drops. If you don't cop on initial drop, we've got the most accurate restock alerts, a comprehensive raffle list, and a hold or sell guide to guide you on what to do with your sneaks if you need a second opinion!

Card Flips/Investments

If you're looking for the most reliable collectible card information, look no further! Any cards that are currently blowing up, we're dropping knowledge about them. We currently cover sports cards, Pokemon cards, and Yugioh cards. Our information will prepare you to walk right into that retail store and walk out with a cart full of cardboard gold! We also provide information on single-card investments, teaching you how to buy cards, hold/grade them, multiply them in value, and sell for massive profits!


Make FREE MONEY in as low as a few minutes with our Swagbucks guides! If there is a new Swagbucks cashback/rebate offer that is sure to put money in your pocket, we will have a write-up teaching you exactly how to get it done.


Our Fooji monitor finds the newest and hottest sweepstakes hosted by companies, often on social media. We notify you of a new Fooji and with a few clicks and no purchases necessary, you enter to win free swag from your favorite companies. Simple, easy, free stuff! It doesn't get any better than that!


Lightning-fast monitors are the cornerstone of any cook group's operation and we have the fastest and most accurate of them, monitoring over 20 of the most important retailers' item catalogs. Our monitors are coded with the purpose of the fewest amount of false positives, the quickest notification on restocks, and stock counts (when possible). They are unbeatable when used in conjunction with our special KW Pinger (info below). Be aware of new arrivals and restocks the second they happen!


Flips R Us has amassed and developed a comprehensive suite of tools that is provided for our members free of charge, to give you the edge over the competition! Our ebay view bot will boost your items in the search results by running up views on any item of your choosing. Our custom KW Pinger will, with a simple command, notify you with a ping whenever the keyword you selected shows up on the monitors. That means no more having to deal with 500 notifications just to catch that one restock you've been waiting for! We provide a free autofill extension to speed up your success on Shopify, Supreme, and Stripe! Our stock checkers will keep our members informed of the current stock of any item of their choosing.





I am in around 15-20 cook groups, including 4 or 5 that I pay more for than Flips R Us, and yet I say with 100% confidence that this group has been my main money-maker when it comes to flips. $crooge's flip information has been proven to be accurate time and time again, his monitors have allowed me to cop hundreds of profitable items from all sorts of stores, and best of all, his community focus really sets this place apart from the rest. He gets to know his members and brings them what it important to them. His passion to see the group succeed and grow is evident in every move he makes. With unique flips I see nowhere else and that kind of love, I consistently find myself going back to Flips R Us for either the biggest cook days, just to see what everyone else has been chefing up, or even just to chat. I'd definitely say this place is worth checking out.



Flips R Us is not your typical cook group. This group has provided me with flips that I personally did not see elsewhere, that ended up being very easy to cop and very profitable. A common issue I find with other groups is that they all share similar info. Whereas FRU not only mentions those flips, but provides even more of the quality low key opportunities. This group also provides plenty of tools to help everyone succeed. All in all, this is a group that I plan to stick around in for along time! Also, a big thanks to Scrooge for all the effort put into it!


What is Flips R Us?

Flips R Us is a group on discord that helps you make money through multiple sources of income

Can I stop my subscription anytime?

Yes. You can stop your subscription at any time by going to your billing tab. Your subscription will still be valid until the end of the period you have paid for, but you will not be charged anymore.

What does it take to be successful in the group?

If you want to be successful in FRU, You must be active and have all notifications turned on.

How often are there updates to the App?

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